We’re a bunch of regular scousers who pool our money so we can give away £500 every month to imaginative projects that make a real difference in the Liverpool City Region

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Before you apply, read our guidance. It’ll help you make your application as good as it can possibly be!

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Want to go a step further and become a trustee?

Our “trustees” aren’t trustees in any official sense. They’re just regular people with a passion for making Liverpool more awesome. Most trustees pay £50 a month into the Awesome Liverpool pot, but we’re also happy for trustees to contribute in other ways, like organising applicant comms, or running our social media.

We’re always open to new trustees – especially ones who can help us reach new audiences we’re not currently reaching, or can add a new perspective to our panel. There are no qualification requirements for being a trustee.

If you want to talk to us about becoming an Awesome Liverpool trustee, email liverpool@awesomefoundation.org – we’d love to talk to you!

Our current trustees

Andrew Beattie

Jubeda Khatun

Julian Moss

Rebecca Taylor

Roz Dean

Lucy Gardner

Mark Swift

Sally-Anne Watkiss

Zarino Zappia

Thanks also to our trustees emeritus, who are now pursuing their own avenues of awesomness elsewhere in the world: Francis Irving, Ross Jones, Simon Holgate, Wayne Malcolm, Bridget Waters, David Worral, Kate Stewart, Graham Haywood, Charles Oddy, Nicola Wass, David Parrish, David Williams & Oliver Press, Nathan Pearson, Lynne Robertson, Jim Noakes, Mark Hodgson, Robyn Dooley, Lucy Chesters, Alex Kelly, Laura Marie-Brown, Ian Parry, Alison Lockett-Burke, Lee Omar, Mark Russell, Nick Graham, Laura David, Andrea Ku, the Baltic Creative team, Leon Rossiter, Amber Jones-Eddy, Ruth Hartnoll, John Maguire, Mark Sabino, Louisa Burman, and Charlotte Ray.

What’s the history of Awesome Liverpool?

We are the Liverpool chapter of the international Awesome Foundation.

In 2014, a group of friends in the Liverpool tech sector realised there wasn’t a functioning Awesome chapter in the UK yet, so they set one up. Since then, we’ve been joined by a stunning roster of volunteer trustees, from all sorts of backgrounds, each donating their time, expertise, and usually £50 a month, to help make awesome projects happen in and around Liverpool.

Anyone in the Liverpool City Region can apply for a £500 gift, and we particularly welcome applications from people who wouldn’t normally apply to the big funding bodies. There’s no limit to the number of times you can apply (or the number of times you can win) and we judge each application on its own merits.

The £500 gifts are no strings attached – there’s no reporting or checking up. We trust you to spend the £500 wisely, furthering Awesome in the universe.

We generally like to see projects that:

  1. Solve a problem
  2. Have a clear budget
  3. Benefit Liverpool
  4. Bring joy to the world

If you think you have an idea that hits those criteria, read our guidance for top tips on making your application stand out, and then apply online.

Made with love in Liverpool, the most boss city in the world.