We fund creative little ideas making Liverpool more awesome

Short on time?

What is Awesome Liverpool?

We are the Liverpool chapter of the international Awesome Foundation.

Every month, the Awesome Liverpool trustees give away £500 of their own money to promote awesomeness in Liverpool and beyond.

We also offer support and mentoring for scousers with creative ideas, and we have friends all over Liverpool who can help make your idea a reality.

So what are you waiting for? Apply now to win this month’s £500!

How does Awesome work?

Anyone in the Merseyside area can apply for a £500 gift. Applications are open all year round.

Near the end of each month, the trustees draw up a shortlist of that month’s best applications.

The trustees are looking for ideas that solve a problem, have a budget, and bring joy to the people of Liverpool.

The shortlisted applicants are invited to a Gift Night, on the first Monday of the month, where they get to meet each other, and pitch their idea to the trustees.

The trustees offer feedback on all the ideas and, finally, that month’s £500 is awarded to the most awesome project of the night.

What sort of ideas win the £500?

We award £500 to creative, unusual, and passionate pitches.

The best ideas have a clear budget, and solve a real problem – but also bring a little joy to people who hear about them.

We’ve funded musical synthesisers made out of plants, pop-up art galleries, a town centre Zombie walk, a community newspaper in Norris Green, and revolutionary art therapy courses for refugees and ethnic minorities in Merseyside.

Disco Scouse

Plant Synths

It was an Awesome Liverpool gift that paid for the projector at Liverpool’s fantastic Small Cinema.

And our £500 also kept over 100 exhibitors fed and watered at Liverpool’s first ever MakeFest.

Our first winner was a lady called Lynne who was setting up a grass-roots virtual hotel in Anfield. And our youngest winner was a girl called Angel who wanted to give free dog coats out to the homeless.

How can I apply for the £500?

First, make sure your idea meets our four Awesomeness criteria:

  1. Solves a problem
  2. Has a budget
  3. Keeps it local
  4. Brings joy

Then, take your time and fill in our online application form:

Apply now!

You will be contacted by email near the end of the month, whether you have been shortlisted for the live pitch night or not. Good luck!